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26 June 2012

Rape alarms given to outreach service

50 rape alarms have been donated to a Nottingham-based prostitution outreach service, thanks to money raised through the change programme.

Community Protection’s Prostitution Task Force Team works with Nottinghamshire Police colleagues to run a change course for those who are found kerb-crawling in the city.
If offenders plead guilty in court to kerb-crawling they become eligible to take part in a change course. The course helps to assess why the offender was caught kerb-crawling and how they can change their actions in the future. Offenders have to pay £240 to take part in the change course and receive a Police caution afterwards.
Any money raised through this programme is put back into community projects relating to prostitution.
Community Protection’s officers have donated the rape alarms to Prostitution Outreach Workers (POW) in Nottingham. POW provides a free, comprehensive, confidential, full-time drop-in and an outreach service to those involved, wishing to exit or at risk of becoming involved in prostitution and drug misuse.
Cllr Alex Norris, Portfolio Holder for Community Safety, said: “The alarms are loud and very striking. This both puts the attacker off and alerts others to the need for help.
“We take tackling prostitution very seriously in Nottingham, with considerable success over the last few years. It’s good that any money raised from punishments for illegal activity can then go towards preventing crime.”
Daniela Scotece, Development Manager from POW said: “We are really grateful for the alarms. POW provides a range of advice and support services for prostitutes in Nottingham including providing a service that is sensitive and responds to the needs of all service users.”
The other prostitution services in Nottingham that provide support for sex-workers are Aspire and Jericho Road.  

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